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General Terms & Conditions for Accommodation

Article 1.

Scope of Application

1. Contracts for accommodation and related agreements to be entered into between this Hotel and the Guest to be accommodated shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions, and any matters not provided herein shall be governed by laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices.

2. Notwithstanding with the foregoing, the hotel can comply with special agreements within the scope, laws, and customs of this Terms and Conditions.

Article 2.

Application of Accommodation Contract

1. Those who wish to apply for an accommodation contract with the Hotel shall notify the hotel of the following:
(1) Name of guest(s)
(2) Date of accommodation and estimated time of arrival
(3) Room rate
(4) Other matters deemed necessary by the hotel

2. If guests request to extend their stay, during their stay, beyond the date in subparagraph (2) of the preceding Paragraph, it shall be regarded as an application for a new Accommodation Contract at the time such request is made.

Article 3.

(Conclusion of Accommodation Contracts, etc.

1. An Accommodation Contract is deemed to have been concluded when the Hotel has duly accepted the application as stipulated in the preceding Article. However, it shall not apply if it has been proved that the Hotel has not accepted the application.

2. When a Contract for Accommodation has been concluded in accordance with the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, the Guest is requested to pay an accommodation deposit set by the Hotel within the limits of basic accommodation charges during the guest's period of stay, by the date specified by the Hotel.

3. If the application fee in Paragraph 2 cannot be paid in the date specified by the hotel, the Accommodation Contract will lose its effect.
However, it shall apply only when the guest is informed by the Hotel when the due date of the application fee is specified.

Article 4.

(Cancellation of Accommodation Contract)

The hotel shall charge a cancellation fee according to the following conditions, if the person who applies for an accommodation reservation cancels the entire days of their stay, or part of it.

 No-show : 100%
 On the day : 100%
 The day before : 80%
 3 days before : 20%
* Note 1. % is the ratio of penalty to the room rate.
* Note 2. If the contract period is shortened, the penalty fee for one day (first day) shall be collected regardless of the number of shortened days.
* Note 3. If the guest does not arrive without prior notice to the front desk until the end of business hours on the day of their stay (until midnight), the Hotel shall regard the reservation as canceled and can be processed. However, in case it was regarded as canceled, and if it has been proved that the non-arrival without notice was due to failure or delay of trains, aircraft, or any public transportation, and other reasons not attributed to the guest, they shall not be liable for a cancellation fee.

Article 5.


Guests are required to register the following at the front desk on the day of stay:
(1) Address, name, age, sex, nationality, occupation, and the date of arrival and departure of the Guest(s) Previous accommodation and destination
(4) Other particulars deemed necessary by the Hotel2) In some cases, identity verification by presentation of identification card, etc.;
(3) For foreigners with no Japanese address, present or provide a copy of their passport, nationality, and passport number;
(4) Other particulars deemed necessary by the Hotel

Article 6.

(Refusal of Accommodation or Continuation of Accommodation)

The Hotel may refuse guests to stay in the following cases.
(1) When guests do not comply with the Terms and Conditions.
(2) When guests do not comply with the items in the application during their registration.
(3) When there is a false statement in the contents of the registration at the time of registration, or when there is a suspicion of one.
(4) When there is no room due to full occupancy.
(5) When the guest is deemed liable for conduct and/or has conducted himself/herself in a manner that will violate laws or act against the public order and good morals in regard to his/her accommodation.
(6) When the guest is behaving in a manner that causes severe annoyance to other guests.
(7) When the guest is identified, or believed to be carrying an infectious disease.
(8) When unreasonable burden is caused concerning their accommodation.
(9) When the hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural disasters, damage in facility/ies, or other causes of force majeure.
(10) When the person requesting hotel accommodation is obviously under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and/or similar substances and could cause annoyance to other guests, or when there is a suspicion of one.
(11) When the person requesting accommodation is:
  1. A member of an organized crime group and groups officially listed as criminals, under Law on Preventing Unreasonable Conduct by Organized Crime groups (Code 77 issued in 1991), or a related party under the same law (hereafter referred to as " organized crime group").
  2. Corporate entities and groups whose business activities are controlled by an organized crime group.
  3. Corporations whose officers or employees are under an organized crime group.
(12) When the hotel and/or hotel staff suffers from violent threat or unreasonable burden from the guest, or when it is acknowledged that similar activity has occurred in the past, or when there is a suspicion of one.
(13) Removal of equipment in the accommodation facility, other requests beyond what is socially accepted, bribery, slander, intimidation, and harassment to staff, posting to social media sites with an intention of stirring criticism online, or any acts of disturbance in the operation of the hotel, when it is acknowledged that similar activity has occurred in the past, or when there is a suspicion of one.
(14) When there are reasons set forth by laws and regulations determined by the country, and other prefectures.
(15) Other actions deemed by the hotel as inappropriate.

Article 7.

(Occupancy Hours of Rooms)

Guests are allowed to use the rooms from check-in time until the check-out time determined by the hotel. However, when staying overnight, it can be occupied all day, except for the days of arrival and departure.

Article 8.

(Observance of Hotel Regulations)

The guest shall observe the regulations established by the Hotel within the premises of the Hotel.

Article 9.

Business Hours

1. The following are the business hours of the hotel's main facilities. Business hours of other facilities will be indicated on their brochures, bulletin board, and service directories found in rooms.
 (1) Front desk 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
 (2) Check-in 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
 (3) Check-out 6:00 AM - 11:00 AM

2.There may be changes in the times indicated in the preceding Paragraph. In such case, we will notify our guests by appropriate means.

3.If it is difficult to notify within the designated time, we will notify the front desk in advance to consult on how to respond.

Article 10.


1. Payments shall be made in advance. However, this shall not apply to transactions recognized by the Hotel.

2. The guest shall be charged with accommodation even if they voluntarily do not utilize the accommodation facilities provided for them by the hotel.

Article 11.

(Responsibilities of the Hotel)

1. The hotel shall compensate the guest for damage if the hotel has caused such damage to the guest in the fulfillment or the nonfulfillment of the Accommodation Contract and/or related agreements up to 50,000 JPY.
However, the same shall not apply in cases where such damage has been caused due to reasons for which the hotel is not liable.

2. The hotel is covered by Hotel Liability Insurance to deal with unexpected fire and/or other disasters.

Article 12.

(Handling When Unable to Provide Rooms as Agreed)

1. When unable to provide the contracted rooms, the hotel shall arrange accommodation of the same standard elsewhere as possible with their consent.

2. When arrangement of other accommodation cannot be made, notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, the hotel shall pay the guest a compensation fee equivalent to the cancellation charges and the compensation fee shall be applied to reparations.
However, the hotel will not provide compensations when the Hotel cannot provide accommodation due to causes for which the hotel is not liable.

Article 13.

(Handling of Deposited Articles)

The guest shall be fully responsible in securing their belongings during their stay in the hotel. The hotel shall not be liable for any loss and breakage of their cash and valuables, and/or theft due to causes attributed to the guests.

Article 14.

(Custody of Baggage and/or Personal Effects)

1. When the baggage is brought into the hotel before the guest's arrival, the hotel shall be liable to store it only in the case when such a request has been accepted from the Hotel. The baggage shall be handed over to the guest at the Front Desk at the time of their check-in.

2. When the baggage or belongings of the Guest are found after check-out and ownership of the article is confirmed, the Hotel shall inform the owner of the article left and ask for further instructions.
owever, if there is no instruction from the owner or if the Hotel could not identify the owner of the luggage, the Hotel shall store cash and precious metals for three days including the day it was found. If not claimed after three days, the Hotel shall turn it over to the nearest police station. As for other items, the Hotel shall dispose it off after three days.
However, perishables will only be kept for a reasonable period, and will be discarded at our discretion thereafter.

3. The hotel's liability for the guest's baggage and/or belongings under this section shall be in accordance with the provisions of the preceding section.

Article 15.

(Liability of the Guest)

The guest shall compensate the hotel for damages (including but not limited to repair costs for facilities and loss of sales) as a result of intention and negligence in their part.

Article 16.

(Outsider Visit)

The hotel shall refuse entry of outsiders beyond business hours of the front desk. In addition, the guest shall be liable with penalty fees set by the hotel if they find that the outsider has stayed beyond business hours, even if the number of overstaying people is less than the number of those who reserved in advance.

Article 17.


The guest shall be liable with their use of Internet connection at the hotel.
The hotel will not be liable for any damages caused to the guest due to interruption, system failure, or other reasons while using the hotel's Internet service.
In addition, the guest shall provide compensation if damages occur to the hotel or to third parties due to the guest's use of Internet connection.

Article 18.

(Reports to Police, etc.)

The hotel shall, if there is a need to protect the rights, property, and services of other guests and our hotel due to a violation in the Terms and Conditions and/or other Terms by the guest, notify the police and take appropriate measures.

Article 19.

(Changes in Terms and Conditions)

1. The contents in this Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Please check our website as the latest information is published there.

2. If the guest stays at the hotel after the said changes are applied, the hotel shall regard it as an agreement with the changes in the Terms and Conditions.

3. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the pre-modified rules shall apply to Accommodation Contracts made prior to the amendment of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 20.


1. Even if part of the Terms and Conditions and other Terms is deemed to be invalid based on Japanese laws and regulations, the remaining provisions shall remain valid.

2. Even if part of the Terms and Conditions and other Terms is deemed to be invalid or canceled due to a relationship with a certain guest, the Terms and Conditions and other terms shall be valid between the relationship of the hotel and guests, except for the aforementioned guest.

Article 21.

(Governing Law)

The validity, interpretation, and implementation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Japanese laws and regulations.

Article 22.

(Governing Language)

The Japanese version shall be the official text of this Terms and Conditions and other Terms. Even if there is a provided translation for the guest's reference, only the Japanese text will be effective as a contract, while the translation will not.

Article 23.


If there is an issue that cannot be resolved regarding accommodation the by the existing Terms and Conditions, the hotel shall discuss the matter with the guests to come up with a resolution.

Article 24.

(Court of Competent Jurisdiction)

Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over litigations arising in connection with the Terms and Conditions for this Accommodation Contract.

(Revision Date:Jan.18,2024)

Terms of Use

The hotel has established the following Terms and Conditions to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for guests. We would like to ask for your cooperation.
If you cannot comply with these terms and conditions, we shall reserve the right to refuse accommodation or use of facilities in the hotel. Also, please note that we will not be responsible for accidents due to non-observance of these Terms and Conditions.


Please do not bring the following, as these may cause annoyance to other guests:
A) Animals, birds, pets, and the like
B) Produce bad odor and noise
C) Explosives, volatile oils, other matters that cause ignition and flammable objects
D) Guns, swords, and stimulants not authorized by law
E) Articles with significant amount or weight
F) Garbage and items that disrupt hygiene in the hotel room
G) Other items deemed by the hotel as prohibited


Please do not use the room for any purpose other than accommodation.


We do not accept lodging of minors unless given permission by their parents/guardian.


Please do not distribute advertisements or sell goods within the hotel or premises.


Please do not engage gambling, or other morally unaccepted acts, or acts that cause annoyance to other guests.


Please do not engage in acts that disturb other guests, such as singing/talking in loud voice, and playing TV or radio in loud volume.


Please do not leave your belongings outside the room.


Please do not move the facilities and equipment of the hotel to other places, and/or use it other than its intended purpose. We will charge for the actual cost of these items in case of contamination, damage, and loss.


Please do not go into or force entry to places other than those indicated for guests without permission.


Please contact the front desk in advance if you wish to change/extend your length of stay. Please pay in advance in case you wish to extend.


Please do not use hair dye, bleach, and the like in the bathroom.


Do not take photos, videos, or DVDs of any part of the room or hotel premises for business purposes without permission from the hotel. Also, even if taken and recorded privately, please do not post on the Internet and other platforms for business purposes without permission from the hotel.


Please check the lock before leaving your room, and latch the door while inside the room or during bedtime. Please take caution in opening your door to prevent visits from suspicious people.


For the safety of the guests, the hotel shall make a phone call or visit to your room if you have not been in touch for an extended period of time, even if a "do not disturb" card is displayed outside the door. In addition, please note that if deemed necessary, we will have no other choice but enter your room if we receive no response from you or during emergency cases.


Please refrain from inviting outsiders inside your room.


We do not allow entry of people other than the guests (including companions) registered under Article 5 of the Accommodation Contract.


For your safety, please turn off all electrical and electronic equipment and unplug appliances from the outlet (except for refrigerator/freezer) when leaving the room.


The entire building is a non-smoking zone. Please do not smoke in any areas within the building.


Please make sure to check the evacuation route map at the entrance of the room and in the emergency exit of each floor.


For storing cash and valuables during your stay, please use the in-room safe. In the event where an item is lost or stolen in the hotel without taking the above precautionary measure, the hotel cannot assume any responsibility.


Regarding lost items, we will keep cash and jewelries on our custody for three days, which includes the date when it was found, and shall be turned over to the nearest police station thereafter. Other items will be disposed after three days of storage. However, perishables will only be kept for a reasonable period, and will be discarded at our discretion thereafter.


Kindly provide payments each time there are any requests from the front desk during your stay.


We do not accept advanced payments for shopping money, tickets, taxi fare, postage stamps, and luggage forwarding, etc.


Please note that we do not accept check and foreign currency for payments, and that we do not accept currency exchange.


We observe a no gratuity policy for our hotel staff.


In case you lose your room key, please pay 5,000 JPY for you to be reissued one.


The hotel shall refuse accommodation to guests who are suspected to be a member of organized crime groups or those who are likely to disrupt public order or violate rules stipulated in the Article 6 Section 11 of the Accommodation Contract (we will refuse accommodation and/or extension of stay if we find out any aforementioned instances after placing the reservation or during the stay of the guest).

(Revision Date:Nov.30,2023)

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Overview of Privacy Policy

HOTEL KADO strives to properly manage and sufficiently protect information that identifies customers ("Personal Information") in order to respect customers' privacy online.
We would like to introduce this online privacy policy to help you understand how your personal information is treated by HOTEL KADO. Personal information refers to information that are used to identify users such as name, home and work addresses, and contact details such as e-mail address.
Clients can normally access the website without having to provide their personal information.
If your provide personal information on the website, it may be transferred to the internal department of HOTEL KADO or to other service providers affiliated with HOTEL KADO.
Transfer location is not limited to the country or region where the client resides, but also includes other countries or regions around the world.

Cookies and Other Tracking Methods

HOTEL KADO has cookies and other pages that use tracking technology.
These "cookies" are small text files that are used to collect information about works done on a website.
Some tracking technologies, such as cookies, store personal information previously provided by web users.
By changing your browser settings, you can choose whether to allow these trackers, or to remove them.
Your browser settings can notify you if a cookie has been sent, or block your computer from receiving one.
However, please note that some pages cannot be accessed without entering your User ID and Password should you choose to remove or block cookies.
Information that may be recorded by tracking technologies includes domain name and host name, Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser and OS type, click order, date and time of site visit.
Cookies and other tracking technologies are intended to improve the site and provide comfortable access. In addition, data that does not contain personal information may also be used to analyze access trends and statistics.

Our Efforts

HOTEL KADO recognizes the importance of the clients' personal information. Online privacy protection has become a recent issue, and not enough discussions are taking place.
We are continuously making efforts to protect our clients' personal information in response to the changing demands. If you have any comments or concerns about our Online Privacy Policy, please reach out to us through our Contact Form.
While we cannot guarantee absolute privacy for our clients at the moment, we will incorporate your feedback as quickly as possible and use it as reference to improve our services.

Clarification and Compliance of the Purpose of Use of Personal Information

When HOTEL KADO Co., Ltd. acquires personal information, the company will clarify the purpose of use and will not use it beyond the scope of the purpose.

Third-party restrictions

1.Privacy Policy Overview

HOTEL KADO does not provide information to third party companies without your prior consent.

2.Ensuring the accuracy of personal information

HOTEL KADO strives to ensure that the personal information of our clients are always correct.

3.Implementation of appropriate measures to protect your personal information

HOTEL KADO is responsible for and takes appropriate measures in protecting our clients' personal information and strives to prevent incidents such as unauthorized access to personal information, information leakage, and fraud.
We will take prompt corrective action in the occurrence of these incidents.

4.Compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information

HOTEL KADO Co., Ltd. complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information.

Inquiries about personal information

For inquiries about personal information, please contact: