The entrance, front desk, and the rooms are adorned with "Orihana" origami.
We welcome our guests with gratitude and hospitality through origami and kirigami art, which is a time-honored custom in Japan.
You can relax in TOJI KYOTO at the second floor or dine and chat with friends or family on the roof terrace. There is also a nearby coffee shop and flower shop on the first floor. Enjoy your trip to Kyoto freely, at your own pace.

Arrangement Style


Potteries around the hotel are created by Masahiro Wadayama, who produces very unique work using vivid colors and beautiful shapes. His works are characterized with the variety of flowing glazes that show the diversity and beauty of pottery.

Orihana Origami

Orihana is a type of origami and kirigami, which is the tradition of forming paper through folding and cutting. It is created from a sheet of paper shaped into a flower.


Japanese horse-chestnut is a wood known for its various growth patterns and shows various expressions.
Please enjoy its unique luster and smooth texture which is said to resemble to that of silk.

Ornamental plants

Enjoy the inner garden and the group planting of plants surrounding the Kyoto Imperial Palace around the hotel.

Rich Appliance

Latest washing machine

Around the kitchen

In-house facilities

7FRoom701, 702
6FRoom601, 602
5FRoom501, 502, 503
4FRoom401, 402, 403
3FRoom301, 302, 303
1FReception, Cafe, FlowerShop

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Business Hours9:30 am - 9:30 pm

Your entire body is soaked in Air SapuriTM, a mineral mist that contains at least 30 types of minerals. Through Air Sapuri and hydrating your body with mineral water before, during, and after soaking, your body temperature raises, discharging waste from your body through sweat. It is the world's first hot spring spa that provides mineral charge and detoxification simultaneously.


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Release Time6:00 AM 〜12:00 MN

We have a rooftop terrace at the hotel's top floor,
which offers a view of which offers a view of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, Mount Hiei, and Mt. Daimonji on the east side, as well as Hidari Daimonji and Mt. Atago on the northwest side.
Enjoy the natural scenery of the historic mountains situated in Kyoto.


Number of rooms 13 rooms (Suite: 3 rooms, Junior Suite: 3 rooms, Superior Twin: 3 rooms, Standard: 1 room, Modern Standard: 1 room, Premium Suite: 2 room)
Parking area None (Please use nearby coin parking: with fee)
Items for free rental Multi-adapter, multi mobile charger, pants press, first-aid kit, sewing set, nail clipper, thermometer, iron, desk lamp, extension cord, ironing board, water heater, cooling pad, hair iron

Our rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi. Please use it as much as you want during your stay as it is provided for free.
The connection method and password will be given to you during check-in.
HOTEL KADO GOSHOMINAMI-KYOTO will provide you support to ensure your comfortable stay throughout your trip.